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Greg Nicotero Compares Walking Dead Season 6 Finale To Empire Strikes Back (LOL)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 04/04/2016 - 19:43

AMC must be really feeling the heat following last night's terrible episode of The Walking Dead Season 6 finale.

The interviews are beginning to hit the net, with some of the responses so ridiculous, they are coming as off being in panic mode.

Yesterday saw showrunner Scott Gimple compare the cliffhanger to Lost (lol), and now EP Greg Nicotero goes so far as to compare the final scene to  - get this - Empire Strikes Back!

Nicotero tells EW the following about knowing that this was going to anger some people who have to wait over six months to find out what happened. 

I remember sitting in the theater watching Empire Strikes Back and having Darth Vader say “I am your father” and I was shocked and amazed, and I don’t remember being angry. I don’t remember saying, “Oh, I give up on Star Wars because that’s lame.” 

I'm actually not even sure what he's trying to say. Did Empire Strikes back cut off when Darth Vader said, "Luke, I am your ---," and then we had to wait until another movie to find out the answer?

Because that's exactly what Gimple and Nicotero's episode DID.

Or is it that Nicotero is stating that he felt the Darth Vader reveal in Empire Strikes Back was lame, but that it didn't stop him from continuing to watch Star Wars, so those that think the ending in Walking Dead was lame should continue to watch as well?

It's no wonder The Walking Dead Season 6 had such a bad ending.

They blew such a huge opportunity to capitalize on that Negan scene, which should have been a rewarding experience for viewers, but instead just p'd off a lot of fans with some of them even saying they're done with the series.

"With Preacher coming on, I may not come back to The Walking Dead," a friend of mine told me. "I just watched Batman Vs. Superman and The Walking Dead yesterday, I may end up burning my comic collection."