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Godzilla (2014) Kaiju Are Original Monsters: QnA Results With Gareth Edwards

Posted By: Staff
Wed, 03/12/2014 - 15:46


Yesterday saw a Godzilla QnA featuring director Gareth Edwards where the director lets it be known the monsters in the film are all original.

Edwards does note they are in part inspired by Toho and there will be a few Easter Eggs for the fans.

Below you can check out all the questions and answers that took place from the Facebook QnA.


Are we expecting any of Akira ifukube music themes in the new film?

Alexandre Desplat has done a genius score, very much in the same tone of Akira. As fans of his work, I think you'll be very happy. - GE


How much bigger is godzilla than a kaiju category 5?

I might have to check my facts, but I'm guessing Godzilla is a Category 6. - GE


Mr. Gareth, if Godzilla is successful and spawns a trilogy on the table, would you be up for directing them and working with the king again?

 For sure. There were so many great ideas that we just couldn't fit into one movie. I guess that's why God created sequels. - GE


 How do you feel about cross over with Pacific Rim?

But who would direct it? I think the first fight would have to be between me and Guillermo (He would kick my ass). - GE


Will King Ghidorah be in the sequel?

We're contacting his agent. They're asking for a lot of money. - GE


What monster besides Godzilla would you most want to work with?? Either in a Godzilla sequel or own movie??

I'd like to see Godzilla fight the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters because after he destroys him, it would be toasted marshmallows for everyone. - GE


 Which "Godzilla vs" movie is your favorite?

The Smog Monster (I know, I know, right?). But Mr. Banno, the director of this movie, became a good friend during the making of Godzilla. He was also the assistant director to Akira Kurosawa and had a million fantastic stories to tell. - GE


Will there be any appearances or clues to some familiar characters (monsters) from the Toho roster?

The creatures are original to this film but very much inspired by Toho (there are some Easter eggs for fans). - GE


Mr. Edwards, how did it feel to resurrect one of cinemas most famous monsters? And do you think you'll continue to make more movies after this?

It was a dream come true, whether I make any more films after this will probably depend on how many of you go see it at the cinema... so go see it!!!!! - GE


Have you already started gathering ideas for a sequel? How many Godzilla films would you like to do?

I feel like I'm about to give birth, so the last thing I want to do is get back into bed, but I'm sure once I see the child, I'll be racing to have another. - GE


Have you seen the 90's Gamera trilogy?

I don't like to cheat on Godzilla - he's so possessive and gets very angry. - GE


How were you first introduced to Godzilla?

Probably as a child - I watched the Hanna-Barbera cartoons, then later we had "creature features" on TV in the UK, so I'd spend my Friday nights staying in and being a sad geek. - GE


Can Godzuki be in the movie?

We auditioned him, but there's all kinds of issues with child labor laws. - GE


How much motion capture did Andy Serkis do for Godzilla? How much of Godzilla's atomic breath will we see in the film?

Andy was a consultant on the movie. It was a dream to work with him. - GE


Thanks Everyone for your questions! I'm so sorry I don't have the spare 3 years it will take to answer them all... but maybe when we've finished the movie we can do this again. I really appreciate all your support, you've all been fantastic and I hope you enjoy the movie when it comes out... - GE