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Godzilla 2 To Be Bigger & Better

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Tue, 08/11/2015 - 14:05


A big complaint of the 2014 Godzilla movie was that it only featured around 8 minutes of the King of the Monsters.

About a month ago saw word that fans' complaints should be answered with the sequel, and now the writer on Godzilla 2 says more of the same.

Max Borenstein, who is also the executive producer and writer on the Minority Report TV series, told Collider that Godzilla 2 will be bigger and better.

"I’m writing it now, and it’s really going to be great," Borenstein offered. "I don’t want to go off book and tell you anything that I’m not allowed to tell you. The response to the first film was really exciting, but now that that world is established, we can do bigger and even better things. We’re really stoked."

Following completion of Star Wars, director Gareth Edwards is set to return for Godzilla 2 in which Borenstein says he hopes the two can get together and closely work on the sequel.

"Yeah, I hope. He’s making Star Wars right now, so he’s a little preoccupied, but yeah," Borenstein said. "Gareth is amazing. It’s exciting to get to work with him again. One of the fun things about that experience is the same fun that it’s been on [Minority Report], where you really get to have your fingers in the pie."

"Godzilla 2" has a June 8, 2018 release date.