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George Perez Superman Variant will used for #714

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 06/23/2011 - 17:59

picGeorge Perez updated his Facebook with news that the Superman variant originally meant for #712, will now be used for the last issue of Superman, before the DC Relaunch, with #714, and that everything with DC is a-okay.

"Well, DC has confirmed that the SUPERMAN cover originally slated to be the variant cover of Issue #712 will indeed be used as the variant cover for Issue #714, the last issue of the classic incarnation whose numbering dates back to 1938. DC has already apologized for any mistakes on its and we're just moving on from there. Ironically, as a tribute to my late friend Rob Morrisroe, this actually worked out for the best. Not only will his tribute cover have a historical significance now, but also,that last issue of SUPERMAN will come out in August, the month Rob would have celebrated his 43rd birthday. Sometimes fate has a way of making even mistakes a part of a karmic master plan. And fate likely had a little help from Rob, who can now be part of saying goodbye to the superhero he loved so much-- and I get to be part of one era's end and another's beginning. Yeah, Rob would have liked that."