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George Perez 'Extremely Upset' Over Superman #712 Change

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 06/22/2011 - 12:42

picYesterday, George Perez made an announcement on his Facebook Fan Page that his variant for Superman #712 that was supposed to be for today's issue was dedicated to "the memory of a dear friend named Rob Morrisroe who was a lifelong Superman fan."

As I reported on at the time, the issue was a fill-in from Kurt Busiek with no mention of JMS or Chris Roberson listed in the credits.

Then, DC released a statement stating that the "previously solicited story did not work within the 'Grounded' storyline,'" in addition to listing a different variant cover.

Turns out DC forgot to mention this to Mr. Perez who released the following:

I have just received word from my editor at DC that DC decided to pull the original story slated for issue #712 and replace everything with another story and replacement covers ALL WITHOUT EVEN HAVING THE COURTESY OF TELLING ME! Considering the personal nature of this cover, and their knowledge of its significance, I am both extremely upset and personally embarrassed. My deepest apologies especially to Scott Mills and all of Rob Morrisroe's friends and family and the Moonlight Players. I've been told that the cover has been rescheduled to appear as the cover for Issue 714 (the last of the classic SUPERMAN run, meaning that I draw the last of the old and the first of the new), but this doesn't assuage my consternation and disappointment at the way this has been handled. I'm awaiting a call back from my editor but please don't expect me to discuss any particulars about it on a public forum. Just know that I feel horrible about all this and and can only apologize to all those who may have been inconvenienced or disappointed by this unexpected (and totally preventable) turn of events.

Nice way to treat the legendary creator behind the DC Relaunch of Superman, huh?

Mr. Perez, this is all on DC, you have nothing to be embarrassed about.

Update: George Perez Superman Variant will used for #714