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Geoff Johns Kills Off Superman: The Movie Classic Character In Forever Evil #2

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 10/02/2013 - 20:38


Spoilers follow for today's issue of Forever Evil #2.


With the evil version of the Justice League, the Crime Syndicate, having taken over the Earth and causing an eclipse, the power is out and all hope seems lost.

However, there is one man that hasn't given up - and it's Lex Luthor!

As Earth's last best hope makes his way through sublevel 13 of LexCorp he comes upon a lone security guard - Otis!

Otis has no idea what's going on and is a scared mumbling idiot.

The two continue where Lex comes upon one of his experiments - Subject B-Zero!

I was actually hoping it might turn out to be Subject Zero from the Flashpoint Superman mini (Goku!), but obviously the "B" crushed my hopes for that happening.

Turns out Lex Luthor has been attempting to create a clone from a single Kryptonian cell for the past five years. As the power is out, the experiment will end up a failure as it still has 5 more years to mature. So Lex activates it anyway and unleashes B-Zero! And Lex commands it to kill Otis! Only when Otis threatens Luthor does the creature respond, and Otis is no more!

Something Superman: The Movie fans have been waiting to see for a long time! Thanks, Geoff!

Fun issue at least.