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Geoff Johns Hints At Brighter & More Fun Justice League Movie Universe

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 05/24/2016 - 15:47

While Geoff Johns has yet to admit he's co-running DC films, the DC Entertainment chief creative officer and comic book writer may have provided a big clue that the DCEU will be a bit brighter and more fun in tone.

Johns, who has the big DC Comics Rebirth issue coming out tomorrow, updated his Facebook profile with an image of Superman Henry Cavill smiling, laughing and having a grand ol' time, which may hint that since Johns is taking over the DC movie universe, that it may be a bit more upbeat than Batman Vs. Superman and Man of Steel.

The most recent report has stated that following the disappointment of Batman Vs. Superman, that Geoff Johns and WB exec Jon Berg will be co-running the DC film universe and have been named as producers on board Justice League.

Essentially, Johns has become the "Kevin Feige" of DC, but it could be argued Johns has a larger role as Johns works with the movies, TV, video games and comic books, while Feige is just in charge of Marvel Studios.

It would be cool if Johns was also teasing another Superman movie as well...