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Geoff Johns and Kevin Smith Tease Suicide Squad Trailer: "It's F'n Impressive"

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Wed, 12/30/2015 - 19:04


Earlier today saw WB announce two new DC specials, which will see a new trailer for Suicide Squad debut.

Kevin Smith is hosting the Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of the Justice League special which will feature DC Entertainment chief creative officer and writer Geoff Johns.

Now the duo have taken to Instagam to tease the arrival of the Suicide Squad trailer. In addition, Smith let it be known that the Suicide Squad trailer is "f'n impressive" on his podcast.

The Suicide Squad trailer premiers following The Flash, Tuesday, January 19th at 9pm EST on the CW (full details on the announcement can be found here which includes mention of the first Wonder Woman footage).

Kevin Smith on the podcast:

"I saw the Suicide Squad trailer and it was f---ing impressive. Like, hats off to the f---ing marketing people and the trailer I saw, the second trailer. I'm not gonna spoil anything about it. Tell you this much, it's got a lot of footage, song choice is perfect. That's what they're building. A moody campaign and like it's not 'This is [frick]ing villains fighting villains and shit.' they're building something that people don't really read comics are interested in. I find it very fascinating what they're doing. So I saw this second trailer, it is f---ing wonderful. It's got a tone but I would say the second trailer has got a lot of humor and it's not humor of the simple variety. They'll play out a joke with dialogue, not just a quip. Some of the shots are goddamn gorgeous. I like this guy, (David Ayer) he's a great director. Based on those two trailers, give him whatever he wants, let him make more DC movies. He's got an eye man. Can't spoil it, but it's coming soon and that's the good news."

Smith on Instagram:

SQUAD GOALS! Harley Quinn's bat! Deadshot's mask! Katana's Soultaker Sword! @geoffjohnsdc & I will show you these sacred #suicidesquad totems & lots of @batmanvsuperman stuff during the #dccomics movie special airing on @thecw JAN 19! See the world premiere of the EPIC new @SuicideSquadWB trailer (it is sublime perfection) and footage from the set of the currently shooting #wonderwoman movie! The special follows a @cw_legendsoftomorrow preview special so if you're a @dcentertainment fan, get a #kryptonite condom: because you're gonna bust a super nut!

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