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Gareb Shamus compares Wizard to Justin Beiber

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 02/07/2011 - 19:18


MTV Geek interviews the owner of the now defunct Wizard and Toy Fare magazines, Gareb "Shame On" Shamus (as I refer to him).

While they don't exactly ask why Shamus gave notice to their employees the way Wizard did, MTV Geek did ask how he felt on a "personal level" to the allegations. ("Personal level" -- ?)

Shamus goes on about how they have faced criticism from the get-go, how they have influenced every industry (too-toot!) and even compares Wizard to Justin Bieber (wait, is that a good thing?):

"So you can’t look at the voices of the minority to get a true picture of our impact in the marketplace. And I think that’s true of everyone…I’m sure when you go to Justin Bieber’s message board, you’re going to find people talking about how he sucks, and how he’s this and that – and in the meantime he’s selling millions of albums, and his concerts are selling out in 22 minutes. So you can’t look at what people say as a reflection of what you’re doing out there."

I suppose Shamus is right about the voice of the few, but from what's been coming out, the voice of the few all worked for him at some point.

Here are some recent articles on the subject I've come across.

Hey - if Gareb wants to pay me and send me to various comic-cons to promote the new Wizard Digital site, I have no problem with that! At least I'll know where I stand. I'll be sure to put up favorable articles on CBN as well!

Judge for youself: