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First Look At the Cybermen: Doctor Who Season 6 "A Good Man Goes To War"

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 04/12/2011 - 00:45

The BBC released a promo pic for the Doctor Who Season 6 episode "A Good Man Goes To War" featuring a first look at the Cybermen - and the return of Rory the Roman!

Looks like the Roman army is back!

This is 7th episode and the finale to the first half of Season 6; this season sees the 13 episodes split.

Steve Moffat had the following to say on "A Good Man Goes To War" from the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, and it looks like the Doctor is going to be pushed off from his stepping stone!

“If you take someone like the Doctor and really piss him off, if you set yourself up to go to war with the Doctor, what would happen? Obviously you’d lose, it would be a massive, crushing defeat, but what side of the Doctor does it bring out? He’s actually quite capable of being really unpleasant to people. Of course he is. He’s a man like anyone else. If you treated Amy with extraordinary cruelty, how long would you live after that?”


“There’s an ongoing thing that the Doctor has become far more famous than he ever intended to be. Well, you would, if you’d done all those things in one lifetime. My God, people would start to notice you. You would be some incredible legend. We’ve started to play with this idea – which I remember Russell [T Davies] was so keen to avoid in the first series – with Chris Eccleston – of the Doctor being this great and famous hero, even though that’s not what he intended to be. He never wanted to be that. But you can’t avoid it."

“If the Doctor is dealing with life forms that he’s defeated on multiple occasions, it’s not like they haven’t noticed. It’s not like they haven’t written it down. You are going to be able to stand up at Stonehenge and say ‘Who’s first? Look at the score sheet, and take your best shot.’ It’s going to happen. At the same time, he can’t keep doing that. It could be quite damaging for the show. So it’s something that I’m bring to a head, and kind of ending.”

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Doctor Who Season 6 premiers in both the U.S. and UK on April 23rd on the BBC!