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First Look At Batman Earth 2 Design By Jim Lee

Posted By: Staff
Mon, 02/27/2012 - 20:34

DC Comics released a first look at the Batman of Earth 2 as designed by Jim Lee.

You will notice that Lee has dark green grey labeled in the below image, giving a clue as to the color and look of the New 52 Earth 2 Batman.

"Who will Batman kill to save his own daughter?” asks EARTH 2 editor Pat McCallum. “Right out of the gate that should tell you we’re dealing with a different kind of Dark Knight here. More ruthless, dangerous--the costume is familiar and yeah, there is a Wayne under the mask, but we’re looking at a man desperate to save the only family he has left. EARTH 2 is about to become a very bad place to be a bad guy.”

DC Comics Batman Earth 2