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First Look At Action Comics #27 & New Villain

Posted By: Staff
Fri, 10/11/2013 - 12:52

DC Comics released a first look at Action Comics #27 which features a new villain.

The issue hits January 8, 2014 from Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder.

A being that emerges from the subterranean world, this character controls many of the monsters that live in this underground culture in the center of the planet. And as these creatures begin to rise, Superman will quickly learn that we are not alone on Earth. But why does this creature feel the need to challenge the Man of Steel?

As it turns out, Superman is hiding another one of these subterranean creatures to protect it from falling into the hands of the government. Seemingly at odds with everyone, Superman will need to figure out how to both fight off this new creature and simultaneously prevent the government from getting even more involved than they already are.  

So what’s this new creature’s name? And how will he become a pivotal character in Pak and Kuder’s first ACTION COMICS arc? Those are answers you’ll have to wait to find out until ACTION COMICS #27 arrives in stores on January 8th.