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Feel Shortchanged By Tonight's The Walking Dead? You're Not The Only One & Here's Why

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 11/18/2013 - 00:06


One step forward two steps back?

Tonight's episode of The Wallking Dead featured the highly anticipated return of The Governor.

Last seen gunning his own people down and then in last week's episode, we now learn what has become of The Governor.

Strike that, what has become of "Brian."

We see that The Governor has essentially given up as he is abandoned to fend for himself. In doing so, he has almost become that which has taken over - a Walker. However, we do see there is a flicker of survival left as he side steps a Biter only to see a young girl in a window.

And the episode is all downhill from there.


This is just an opinion, but I felt the episode was a walk in the wrong direction, a step backwards if you will. For I see the storyline going in two directions. The Governor feels different about himself and what went down in Woodbury. He has a change of heart which will result in either of the following: 1) He becomes a good guy. This won't work because it negates the entire last season (and it's really lame). 2) We are going to see him become "The Governor" all over again. Actually, if you are a fan of the comic books you know he wasn't anywhere near that bad in the TV show. So essentially what they may be doing with this arc is creating that comic book character - and we may have gotten a clue by the long hair and bearded look. Still, it seems a waste of a couple episodes as today's and next week's will deal with that transformation culminating in the mid-season finale leaving us in the same spot as last week's (and then we gotta wait ten years to see what happened). It's just unnecessary and seems like filler. For a show like The Walking Dead to work there must be progress, in which I thought this season (up to this point) did exceptionally well. I wasn't a big fan of last season to begin with and by now re-introducing The Governor, it seems like more of the same from Season 3. Sorry, it's time to move on.

Another reason why this episode didn't work? If you felt yourself scratching your head wondering why it felt almost like a prequel episode - that's because it was. The story actually first took place in The Walking Dead PREQUEL novel, Rise Of The Governor. Shortly after the episode started, CBN's Chris "DOC" Bushley texted me: "This story is from the novel 'Rise of the Governor.'" So it seems AMC adapted a story from the book for the TV show. It looks to me like the producers of the show liked what they had with David Morrissey and didn't want to lose him. I agree and feel he portrayed the character well, but having The Governor as a recurring character doesn't fit.

Again. It's time to move on, which is what The Walking Dead (TV and comic) is known for.


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