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Review: Farscape #18

Posted By: BrandonBarrows
Fri, 04/15/2011 - 02:28

As any series does, Farscape has had high points and low points and occasionally necessary lulls. For the last half year, the series has told the story of the War for the Uncharted Territories as an enigmatic, and extremely technologically advanced alien race, known as the Kkore invade known space. For the first time in its publishing history, the series has been continuously good during this time. The storyline is the joining of a year’s worth of development over the course of two different Farscape-related series, the main ongoing and the Scorpius solo series, and many of those plot points have been resolved or look to be before the end of this arc.

Last issue focused solely on Scorpius and Rygel’s journey immediately after their escape. It is rare to the point of non-existence that an issue of this series focuses entirely on one sequence of events, but it was enjoyable especially for the heaping helping of Rygel, which this book has sorely lacked.

The current issue is mostly spent elaborating, perhaps laboring, over the friction between the various races and groups that newly-christened Peacekeeper Commandant Aeryn Sun has gathered in an attempt to put up a unified resistance against the Kkore. Ultimately, the potential friction fizzled out and I found myself wondering why it took up so much of the book only to end so anticlimactically.

Beyond that we briefly visit, once again, Chiana and Roin whose story is finally about to intersect with the main plot. Chiana’s subplot has dragged on, seemingly forever at this point, and I look forward to some sort of conclusion to it. I like the character, but it has seemed oftentimes her story has been used simply as a page filler.

This issue was slow, picking up only near the end. I have hope, however, that this is simply the lull before the storm and that everything is about to crash together in a glorious display of science fiction storytelling. I suppose we’ll see next month, eh?