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Exclusive Interview: Ray Fawkes Discusses What We Do And Do Not Know About DC's Pandora

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 04/16/2013 - 09:33

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:6959:]]Writer Ray Fawkes has his creative fingers in just about every book on the “Dark” side of DC Comics’ New 52, including the new Constantine book with Jeff Lemire.

Cosmic Book News Managing Editor Byron Brewer fairly jumped on the chance to sit down with the scribe exclusively when his new title, Trinity of Sin: Pandora, was announced to ask questions about this mysterious force of nature that (at least supposedly) rebooted the DCU by her lonesome, as well as appearing in all the initial New 52 #1’s!

Cosmic Book News: As I understand it, this is your first solo gig on an ongoing. So how did you come to be the scribe on Trinity of Sin: Pandora?

Ray FawkesNot by anything but the most straightforward means, I'm afraid. Editorial at DC knows that I'm very into the "Dark" corner of the DCU, and when the notion of a Pandora title came up, they asked if I'd pitch on it. I did, they liked what they saw, and we were off to the races.

CBN: Since she is part of the "Trinity" and knowing Phantom Stranger is connected to this and has his own title, will we see The Question again?

Ray Fawkes: Absolutely, yes. The Question will be playing a role in the upcoming Trinity War, and you may see him in the pages of Trinity of Sin: Pandora as well. That said, I'm sure that all three members of the Trinity of Sin have better things to do than hang around with each other. They've all known one another for thousands of years, and I don't imagine they'd be very chummy.

CBN: As we know it now, Pandora is responsible for rebooting the DCU into the New 52. What challenges will be facing a character who is so powerful?

Ray Fawkes: Is that what we know? Why not let Pandora tell her side of the story before we make any decisions about what she did or didn't do and how powerful, exactly, she is?

I'll say this: make no assumptions. The truth is stranger than it looks, and Pandora has been made into "the face" of more than one universe-shattering event. The girl's got a reputation, and readers will get the chance to decide whether or not she deserves it.

CBN: Can I assume the coming of Pandora's book will lead into or connect with the Trinity War event? How?

Ray Fawkes: It will, yes, and the series is closely tied to the events of Trinity War and the lasting effects they will have on the DC Universe. I’d rather not say exactly how at this point, if only to preserve the mystery. I will say this: In the first issue of her own title, Pandora is going to pull a deadly ripcord that arguably causes the ignition of the Trinity War.

CBN: Pandora once said she would be using the Justice League as a means to her end. Can you hint at how this comes about?

Ray Fawkes: All I will say is that nobody is safe from her. She -- and, arguably, the whole world -- has suffered for millennia thanks to the crime she's been blamed for, and she thinks she's found a way to fix everything. The stakes are so high that there's nobody she won't consider making use of, if necessary - and there's nobody she won't consider wiping out if they get in her way.

CBN: How big a part will Pandora's famed box play in her story? How did/does Batman get possession of it?

Ray Fawkes: It's the source of all her troubles in this universe, and it may prove to be their solution as well. It's what the first part of her story is all about.

And Batman's tricky, isn't he?

CBN: Will either the Phantom Stranger or the Question be taking part in Pandora's adventures?

Ray Fawkes: Pandora is inextricably tied to both the Phantom Stranger and the Question -- that's been true ever since they were originally cursed, so long ago -- and it will likely prove to be true for the remainder of their existence. Like I said before, I don't see them hanging out or working together, exactly, but they can't help but cross paths again and again. Long answer short: yes, they will play a part.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:6960:]]CBN: Are we to view Pandora as a hero or villain? Will we be seeing the famed Deadly Sins? Other adversaries, be they hero or villain?

Ray Fawkes: I don't think of Pandora as a villain, but many of the characters who come across her are likely to disagree. In my opinion, she's a deeply tragic character, and blood and pain follow her. My hope is that readers who get a chance to see things from her point of view will see her as a complicated character -- perhaps misguided at times, perhaps a bit mad...or perhaps one of the only really sane people in the entire DC Universe.

The Seven Deadly Sins are major characters in Trinity of Sin: Pandora, and you will see other adversaries as well. Some of the adversaries are villains you already know - and some are heroes you know as well.

CBN: Tell me about the art of Daniel Sampere?

Ray Fawkes: Daniel's doing an incredible job on what must, frankly, be a difficult book. The beginning of Trinity of Sin: Pandora requires that Daniel depict varied scenes that cover the entire DC Universe, and he's killing it. I can't wait until readers get a chance to see the great work he's doing!

CBN: Any current or future projects you'd like to mention?

I do hope readers are already reading Constantine-- they may be surprised to see how his actions impact the DC Universe in the near future as well!

Cosmic Book News would like to thank Ray Fawkes for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions. Thanks also to DC Comics’ Alex Segura and Alex Nagorski who helped make this interview possible.

"Trinity of Sin: Pandora" #1 from DC hits shelves June 19th