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Exclusive Interview: Giffen Talks Threshold, Annihilation and "Hell No" To Green Lantern

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Wed, 02/13/2013 - 16:23


There is a new star in the DC Cosmic line and that is the anthology series Threshold, which is currently featuring “The Hunted,” about a washed-up Green Lantern caught in a vile solar system-wide reality show, and a backup starring everyone’s favorite (and only) Orange Lantern, “Larfleeze.”

Both are written by Keith Giffen, renowned throughout the world (or at least the CBN offices) for his knowledge and skill with handling universe-spanning cosmic storylines (Annihilation, Legion of Super-Heroes). Cosmic Book News Managing Editor Byron Brewer hooked Mr. Giffen in a tractor beam long enough to conduct the following exclusive interview.

Cosmic Book News: Cosmic comic fans have been excited about the coming of Threshold and “The Hunted.” Can you compare what you are doing here with what you achieved with Annihilation, which brought many fans (me included) back to comics?

Keith GiffenJust trying to light a fire under some neglected characters while having a good time. That was the driving force behind both Annihilation and Threshold.


CBN: Will there be any use of the established Green Lantern mythos or any of those characters coming to “The Hunted” since Caul is a Lantern?

Keith Giffen: Hell no. Caul's an ex-Green Lantern, emphasis on "ex." You want GL mythos, go read Geoff over in Green Lantern. He's got a lock on it. Hell, the whole ex-GL thing wasn't even my idea. (Editor’s note: This interview was conducted before Geoff Johns’ GL departure announcement.)

CBN: You have named some DC space residents we will see and many have already appeared. Why not Adam Strange or maybe some Kirby characters?

Keith Giffen: Kirby characters are upcoming. As for Adam Strange ... a bit too high profile for what I'm trying to do here. Everyone, it seems, wants a crack at Adam Strange so using him would probably wind up being more trouble than he's worth. I'll stick with the third stringers, thank you very much.

CBN: What does Captain K'Rot bring to “The Hunted?”

Keith Giffen: A musky odor.


CBN: I know Caul is on the run, but will we see any sparks flying between he and any alien ladies?

Keith Giffen: If he sticks around long enough, I'd say that's pretty much inevitable.

CBN: Will we be traveling around in space during “The Hunted” or does everything mostly take place on Tolerance?

Keith Giffen: The Tenebrian Dominion's a pretty big place. It would be a shame not to explore it, don't you think?

CBN: Can you give us any hints at what will be coming up in “The Hunted?”

Keith Giffen: Old friends, New Gods and small wonders. We're actually leaving Tolerance for a bit as of issue #4. Huh ... Wish I'd remembered that while answering the previous question.

CBN: What has it been like working with Tom Raney? Why is he right for “The Hunted?”

Keith Giffen: Tom's art has given the book a more ... whimsical feel than I'd first intended. That's a good thing because I tend to skew really, really dark.


CBN: Not to forget about Larfleeze, what does the future hold for the Orange Lantern in his backup strip?

Keith Giffen: Just wait until everyone finds out who stole all of Larfleeze's stuff ...

CBN: Will we see Larfleeze in “The Hunted,” even as a cameo?

Keith Giffen: Anything's possible, but for the immediate future ... no.

Cosmic Book News would like to thank Keith Giffen for his time and we also thank Alex Segura and Alex Nagorski of DC Comics who helped make this interview possible.

Threshold #3 will hit shelves March 13th!


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