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Exclusive: Hornhead hits the Left Coast in Mark Waid's new Daredevil

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 02/20/2014 - 21:10


Wrapping up attorney Matt Murdock’s stay (and thus Daredevil’s) in the Big Apple in dramatic fashion in Daredevil #36, Mark Waid and Chris Samnee head west, young man, for the Conway corner of the Marvel U., San Francisco. But this isn’t your daddy’s City by the Bay.

To get the latest – from the reason for a relaunch and new #1 to what will the future holds for ol’ Hornhead, CBN M.E. Byron Brewer exclusively journeyed (coach!) to California and found writer Mark Waid at a trendy sushi bar. This is the report Brewer filed. 

Cosmic Book News: So, Mark, why a relaunch of a title after just 30-some issues? Another "jump on" gimmick?

Mark Waid: HA!  No "gimmick," I promise--just the beginning of a whole new approach to the book and the mythology of Daredevil, so it seemed like a good demarcation. Deciding if and when to reboot numbering is, as a writer, a decision made way above my pay grade, but in this case, I think it's a decision with integrity.

CBN: Your take on DD has certainly been popular. Beside the move to San Francisco (and longtimers have been there with Matt and Natasha before), what will be different in the All-New, All-Different Daredevil mag?

Mark Waid: Much. Where's Foggy? Whatever happened to that guy? How does a born-and-bred blind New Yorker make his way around a city like San Francisco with ease? What's going on with Daredevil's powers? Who is the new woman in his life? Time has passed since the end of the previous series, and much has changed for Matt--and we're unspooling information gradually, not immediately.


CBN: Will we see any West Coast crimefighters? How will they feel about DD's arrival?

Mark Waid: We will, in issues two and three.  One more obscure, half-forgotten one. And he is NOT happy with Daredevil's arrival.

CBN: New supporting characters, or perhaps old friends from Gerry Conway's San Fran run?

Mark Waid: No one yet specifically pulled from Gerry's run (though eventually), but a Deputy Mayor who acts as Matt Murdock's liaison to the local authorities--and she's got some interesting secrets.

CBN: Tasha is hot today. Any chance of a nostalgia appearance under your pen of the Black Widow?

Mark Waid: In fact, Javier Rodriguez, who's our colorist and who's drawing the fiftieth anniversary issue, asked the very same--and I'm happy to oblige. (Editor’s note: Natasha will be wrestling with nostalgia in her own visit to San Francisco in issue #7 of the new "Black Widow" series!)

CBN: Who are some of the crime kings DD will face, if you can give us a hint?

Mark Waid: We're way overdue for the return of the Owl, but Chris Samnee and I are revamping him with the same sort of grit and intensity with which Frank Miller reinvented Kingpin back in the day. And you'll be shocked at who he brings with him.

CBN: What are the greatest new challenges that will threaten Matt Murdock?

Mark Waid: Now that his identity is public knowledge? There are threats around every corner. Seriously.


CBN: Overall, what has been your inspiration for this series? Miller, Conway, Lee, outside noir crime novels?

Mark Waid: A little bit of everything--anyone who works on modern superhero comics certainly stands on the shoulders of giants--but I'm mostly inspired these days by the storytelling intricacies of series like House of Cards or Breaking Bad, to tell the truth--the way they maintain suspense.

CBN: Are you enthused artist Chris Samnee has followed you to this "new" title?

Mark Waid: Enthused? I wouldn't have done it without him!  I know a good thing when I've got it.

CBN: Mark, are there any projects present or future you would like to discuss?

Mark Waid: Down the hall at Marvel, I'm also heading up the all-new Hulk relaunch with artist Mark Bagley. And that's in addition to my duties as publisher/editor/guru for my own webcomics site, -- free comics for the reading.  Come see!

Cosmic Book News would like to thank Mark Waid for taking time out of his busy (and we mean busy!) schedule to chat with our humbled M.E. Thanks also to Marvel’s own Chris D’Lando who helped make this interview possible.

The all-new “Daredevil” #1 hits stands in March!