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Exclusive: Adam R. Steigert Announces "A Grim Becoming" From DefTone Pictures Studios

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 10/08/2012 - 23:20


Our friends over at DefTone Picture Studios have provided Cosmic Book News with the following exclusive announcement about their next project, A Grim Becoming.

The movie is a first for DefTone Pictures Studios in that it contains an element of comedy coupled with the horror themes they are known for.

Also from DefTone Picture Studios, and currently in post-production, is the epic sci-fi alien invasion movie, Ombis, which we have covered extensively before as well.

We caught up with director Adam. R. Stiegert who shares the following announcement about A Grim Becoming, exclusive to Cosmic Book News.

Press Release


DefTone Pictures Studios begins new feature A Grim Becoming



DefTone Pictures Studios has been very busy this year: starting with releasing the controversial grindhouse series entitled Black Guy on a Rampage, quickly followed by short films Caged and Dembela and then production of the feature film Ombis. With most of DefTone Pictures Studios’ films waiting to be released in 2013, the studio continues to invest in four more films slated to be released that same year:  Dembela Parts 2 & 3, Holland Road (In association with PaperGhost Productions) and To Release a Soul.  Also on the horizon for DefTone is a new feature:  a horror-comedy entitled A Grim Becoming which has a June 21, 2014 release date. 

DefTones’ CEO and founder Adam R Steigert has begun work on A Grim Becoming with writer Janeen Avery. The story is a tale about a young, bitter executive who has the unfortunate experience of seeing a Grim Reaper at work.   This sighting results in the man becoming a Reaper and having to explore his own conscience and the lengths he will go to get his own life back. A Grim Becoming is the first story to come out of DefTone Pictures Studios which has comedy as an element along with the Studios’ usual horror theme. Steigert had this to say on the status of the project:  “Yes, it is official. A Grim Becoming is my next feature film.  I will be once again writing and directing the story. I am very excited about this project because A Grim Becoming will be something new and fresh to come out of our studio. The script and concept bring something exciting and I’m sure that DefTone will be able to find the local talent and locations to bring it to life. I enjoy epic storytelling and A Grim Becoming promises to be another good example of this.” Filming on A Grim Becoming set to start sometime in 2013 with a slated release date of June 21, 2014. Official casting date(s) have not yet been set but the announcement should come soon with anticipated dates being in April or May 2013.