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Eclipso Diamond Coming To Constantine

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 01/30/2015 - 16:14


Fans of DC Comics continue to get nods and Easter Eggs in the Constantine TV series.

The latest is that the Eclipso diamond will be featured in episode 12.

Showrunner Daniel Cerone told CBR: "We had such an embarrassment of riches with those comic books. I'm literally just leaving playback right now for episode 12. We utilize a black diamond which has an iconic mythology around that in the DC Universe. We did our version of the black diamond. Yes, we use the mythology as an inspiration for that episode."

Cerone doesn't specifically mention whether Eclipso will be featured, but the character would make a good pairing with the series as Eclispo is a demon who uses the gem - known as the Heart Of Darkness which was found on the planet of Apokalips as a weapon for Darkseid - to exert his influence over people.

Another bonus is that Eclipso was the first Spirit of Vengeance, prior to The Spectre, who went bad. The Spectre is also set to appear on the following episode of Constantine, episode 13, the last episode of Season 1.

Constantine airs Fridays at 8pm ET on NBC.