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Dwayne Johnson Says Black Adam May Join Justice League

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Fri, 03/20/2015 - 22:53


Putting the puzzle pieces together: 1) It is Dwayne Johnson, and 2) Black Adam is being said to be an anti-hero and not a straight-up villain; so it's not a stretch to think that at some point down the line Johnson's Black Adam could lean more toward the superhero side of things.

That is pretty much what IGN says to Dwayne Johnson in the following video when they ask if Johnson thinks Black Adam could eventually join the Justice League.

Dwayne Johnson agrees, but also implies Black Adam has to go a more darker route to get there as he offers, "At first, daddy's got to go to work," which also hints at Black Adam kicking some butt and clashing with other heroes.

As it stands right now, Shazam has a 2019 release, but Dwayne Johnson also previously said that the movie might get an earlier release.

Here is the text of Johnson's response.

I think so, and I think you always want to leave that creatively open, that he could join the Justice League, and I think that's the fun part of creating this character right now and everybody involved, from studio, from New Line, to Warner Bros. as well, to the writer, our producing partners -- you you definitely want to engage in his heroic side.

But that has to be earned, and with a mythology and the mythology of Black Adam starting off as a slave - because when you start off as a slave - just inherently, there's things in your DNA -- that piss you off [lughs]. And that's the bottom line, so I think we have to respect and pay homage to the true mythology, and then the heroic side will come down the line.

But I think it's important, and I feel we all feel it's important and I believe the fans at IGN feel it's important, to make sure the homage is paid at the beginning because then you have a stronger foundation to stand on, and so he will become an anti-hero, but at first -- daddy's got to go to work.