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Doctor Who: Steven Moffat Teasers Return Of ALL Daleks?

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sun, 04/01/2012 - 19:26

Our Cosmic Book News Doctor Who reviewer, Darren Blackburn, sent the following in after Steven Moffat tweeted the following pic of a Dalek:



Steven Moffat released this pic on Twitter today, where filming takes place in Cardiff for the epic opening episode, some of which was also filmed in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Spain for the third episode Wild West story. We know it's a Dalek story, but it now seems - when cryptically asked which Daleks are coming back - it now seems ALL OF THEM! As in every Dalek design ever done since 1963!
This pic of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan depicts a 1967 Type 2 Dalek from the Classic Patrick Troughton story, "Power of the Daleks!"
And five other cryptic pics show the return of not only present designs, but also the classic Black Dalek from Tenant's period (Dalek Sec, but not necessarily him) and a White/Gold Dalek from Sylvester MyCoy's classic "Remberance of the Daleks."
Could be, that perhaps when Daleks undergo "upgrades" - just like the Tardises in "The Doctor's Wife" - there's some planet where all the "disused" types are sent to "retire."
Or could be some major timey wimey story that Moff's cooked up that brings all the different factions together! - Daz

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