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Doctor Who Season 7 Prequel: Pond Life Part 2

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 08/28/2012 - 09:46

The BBC has released the second part of the Doctor Who Season 7 prequel series, "Pond Life."

Head on over here if you missed Part 1.

Pond Life is the new 5 part mini-adventure, with a new part every day, featuring the Doctor, Amy, Rory and some surprise familiar faces! En route to visit the Ponds the TARDIS' Helmic Regulator malfunctions, leaving the Doctor popping up everywhere in time and space. Will he ever make it back to them?

Watch Asylum of the Daleks, the new Doctor Who adventure, on BBC One on Saturday 01 September at 7.20pm, and on:

BBC America on Saturday 01 September at 9pm ET
Space (Canada) on Saturday 01 September at 9pm ET
ABC iView (Australia) on 02 September at 5.10am AEST
ABC1 (Australia) on Saturday, 08 September at 7.30pm AEST
Prime (New Zealand) -- Coming Soon