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Doctor Who Encyclopedia IPad App Now Available

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Wed, 11/02/2011 - 10:03

BBC Books has launched the Doctor Who Encyclopedia App for the Apple iPad.

The App contains info on seasons five and six, with subsequent seasons available for an additional fee that can be found within the app via an upgrade.

Here is the info and some screen shots from iTunes and

Click to enlarge:

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A totally immersive digital experience. Download everything that has ever happened, un-happened and happened again in the world of the Eleventh Doctor. Unlock even more content by purchasing the Ninth Doctor and Tenth Doctor bundles, each priced at only £4.99/$6.99 US/$7.49 AUS/€5.49, and create the ultimate digital guide to seven thrilling years of Doctor Who. 
Explore and search over three thousand entries by episode, character, place or object and see the connections that link them together. Open interactive ‘portals’ for the Doctor, Amy, Rory, River and other major characters. Build an A-Z of your favourites, explore galleries of imagery and preview and buy must-have episodes.
Encyclopedias are cool. The Doctor Who Encyclopedia is an unforgettable tour of time and space.
Browse the Encyclopedia
•‘Portals’: launch special interactive entries for the Doctor, Amy, Rory, River and other major characters 
•Connections: Each entry includes links to episodes, people, places and objects that relate to it – how many connections will it take to get from Jackson Lake to Stonehenge?
•Series: search unique A-Zs covering each of your favourite episodes
•Episodes: link to episode previews in iTunes – and then purchase them!
•Enemies: from Abbadon to Zygons, find out everything about the Doctor’s deadly foes
•Allies: from Captain Avery to the Zocci, a complete guide to the Doctor’s friends
•Places: an A-Z of every city, star, building, planet, spaceship….
•Objects: the Doctor’s favourite (sonic screwdriver) and not-so-favourite (Genesis Ark) things
•Gallery: Explore an archive of images covering six thrilling series
•Random: Let the Encyclopedia send you from one fascinating entry to the next!
•Favourites: create a personalized A-Z of your favourite entries!
PLEASE NOTE: The initial purchase of The Doctor Who Encyclopedia will give you the app and access to all of the entries that cover the Eleventh Doctor’s first two series. Access to entries covering the Tenth Doctor and the Ninth Doctor is available to purchase from within the app.

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