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The "DOC's" Top Of The Pile for 5/8/2013

Posted By: cbushley
Thu, 05/09/2013 - 10:09


The Top of the Pile

By: Chris "DOC" Bushley


This is the weekly "quick pick" of the best 5 comics to hit the shelves! Whether they are riddled with action, have the best dramatic sequences, blast you with a bevy of shock and awe or make you feel like a child again, these are the books EVERYONE should be reading! This "DOC's" prescription for having the best week possible -- begins with these Top 5 books! (In no particular order!)



1.  Uncanny Avengers #8 (Marvel):  Rick Remender is a repeat performer and a constant member of The Top of the Pile, and for a good reason! His amalgam team of Avengers and X-Men are not only at odds with the biggest threats to the world, but are at odds with each other as well. The deception and secrets has made these heroes question the integrity of everyone, leaving the reader with an aura of continual awe and merriment. Plus, who gets to kill a Celestial? Rick Remender -- that's who!




2. Batman and Red Hood #20 (DC):  Peter J. Tomasi may be leaving Green Lantern Corps after this weeks issue, but you NEED to check out what he is doing for the Batman mythos as well! Since the death of Damian Wayne, Bruce has been lost, swimming in despair and rage. So, he calls upon the first Robin to have died and they take out their pain on the snipers that attacked Damian on that fateful day! But, what seems to be a reconciliation between Bats and Red Hood may end up destroying their partnership forever! A great look at the emotional side of two great characters that will never be the same again!




3. Harbinger #12 (Valiant): The third chapter of the epic Harbinger Wars crossover, this issue shows just how brutal children with massive powers can be! Especially, since these powerhouses have been tortured, belittled and separated from the rest of humanity all their lives! This is a fantastic character piece that showcases the perfect balance of emotion and action on many levels. Stunning!




4. X #1 (Dark Horse):  Duane Swierczynski has not only revamped the killing machine, Bloodshot, for Valiant Comics, now he has brought back the most brutal vigilante to ever grace the pages of Dark Horse as well! X is a non-stop menagerie of brutality that will ensnare you in the filthy underground world of Arcadia. Now, with a journalist on his trail, will X let up on his reign of terror he has placed on the worst criminals of the city? Hell No! Great stuff!




5. Justice League of America #3 (DC): Geoff Johns has taken a motley crew of "heroes" and made them into one of the most interesting reads every month. This issue sees the truth behind Green Arrow's attackers come to light and the "team" set up one of their own! Plus, Stargirl gets a dose of reality from Amanda Waller and Catwoman gets a little too close for comfort with Martian Manhunter in a great back-up story by the acclaimed writer of Mind MGMT -- Matt Kindt! Two amazing writers for one low price! Who could ask for anything more?