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The Best of The Best: DOC's Top Five Comic Books For November 14th!

Posted By: chrisb
Sat, 11/10/2012 - 20:02


"The Best of The Best"

By: Chris "DOC" Bushley

If you thought October 10th was a HUGE release date with Batman #13 and the debut of Uncanny Avengers #1, just wait until next Wednesday when we see the pinnacle of comic book hype explode! EVERY company in the industry is offering up some of their best books for you to add to your pull list, but with so many choices, what are the books you just can't live without? This list is here to help you narrow down just which ones are worthy of the title "The Best of The Best!"


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1.  Batman #14(DC) Scott Snyder's unnerving tale of the return of the "Clown Prince" to the streets of Gotham continues here! Harley tries to turn Bats into her own version of the Joker and the "family" is in disarray with the disappearance of Alfred. This series continues to be some of the best modern day Bat tales ever created and this one -- is sure to keep you up at night! With a bunch of "Bat" books coming out on Wednesday, this one is the MUST have!


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2.  All New X-Men #1(Marvel):  The most controversial of the group, Bends' take on the X-Men is sure to be a sure hit or miss with fans across the board! But let's face facts folks, he is still a great writer that can bring about some amazing stories! Truthfully, bringing some fresh ideas to the "Merry Mutants" is desperately needed! Plus, we get to see the original X-Men return in this tale without the bickering and animosity that has been strune throughout the X books in the past two years. As they travel to the present, will these bright eyed versions of their former selves be enough to change the outlook of the modern X-Men? I will be first to find out! 


3.  The Walking Dead #104(Image):  The biggest independent comic book franchise of all time continues to churn out some of the best comics on the shelves month after month! Rick's secret agenda has put him at odds with the others of the community, but none more so than the person he loves most, his son -- Carl. Will his plan lead to Carl trying to step up and be more of a leader? And if it does, can a little boy with a big gun handle the wickedness of Neegan all on his own? By far, this book is Image's front runner for best book!


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4.  Archer & Armstrong #4 (Valiant):  This dynamically different duo have to stop the Secret Sect from forming all of the pieces of the Boon before they destroy the world. But it is no easy path! On the way they must overcome ninja nuns, Nazi priests, former friends and, evidently, themselves in order to survive! Fred Van Lente has made this THE best "buddy" book on the shelves today, full of characterization, brutal action sequences and overall -- fun! This is the best book you are not reading!


5.  The Boys #72(Dynamite):  Garth Ennis has finished The Boys with issue #72. And when I say "finished" I don't mean just wrapping up his insane book about those who keep superheroes in check, I mean the Boys themselves as well! #72 stars the only remaining team member, Wee Hughie, and we see just what he will do after both his personal world and professional one -- are completely destroyed! I will sorely miss this crazy ride of a book, but there is still hope for the movie from Paramount to hold on to! This was the best anti-superhero book you will ever read, so get the trades and hold on for dear life!

So, that's the best the myriad of companies have to offer -- at least in my humble opinion! What books are you eager to see this week? Let us know in the comment section below and start saving your pennies -- it's going to be one massive week for comics fans!