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Disney Releasing Marvel Spider-Man Children's Book App w/Stan Lee

Posted By: Staff
Sun, 11/27/2011 - 22:59

spider-manTomorrow will see Disney release a Spider-Man children's book App for the iPad, iPhone and iTouch at the cost of $6.99. 

The App will have special interactive features including Spider-Man creator Stan Lee as a narrator telling the origin of the web-slinger.

“This is a whole new type of entertainment,” Lee said of the Spider-Man App to the New York Times. “They can offer things comic books cannot offer, all those extra features. That’s the brilliance of these things. They don’t detract from the story; they embellish.”

Spider-Man marks Disney's first Marvel Comics character to get the digital treatment in the form of an App. Russell Hampton Jr., the president of Disney Publishing Worldwide, notes that you can do more with Book Apps compared to a regular E-Book App.

“E-books tend to be pretty strict translations of the print products,” Hampton said. “Book apps tend to be almost new products that didn’t exist before. They have embedded video, music, games and activities.”