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The Difference Between How CBR Treats Marvel & DC; Where Is The Nova Poor Sales Question?

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 05/10/2013 - 17:32


DC Comics had a regularly featured column over at Marvel's CBR.

However, CBR asked some "tough" questions that the DC execs didn't like, so DC bailed.

In the April 17th B&B column, CBR wrote at the end:

Editorial Note: With regret, CBR News has to inform our readers today that there will no longer be a "B&B" column on the site after only four short months.

When CBR proposed the idea of a regular column with DC's executive staff, our stated intent was for the feature to be a place to connect the decision makers at the publisher with the wider comics community. Aside from product and story information, discussing the industry news and debates of the day was something we always planned to focus on both in the regular interviews with Harras and Chase and the monthly fan Q&A. However, the DC team has made it clear to CBR that discussing some of the more controversial debates surrounding the company and the comics community is not something they feel comfortable doing in this format, and ultimately they decided to no longer participate in this feature.

Specifically, Harras and Chase declined to comment on questions about DC exclusive talent Jerry Ordway in regards to his statements about his work with the publisher. (Though it should be noted that DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee did discuss the matter in a recent CBR TV interview)

After ensuing discussions on the matter, CBR regrets that DC has decided not to continue what we consider a valuable discussion for readers, retailers and creators. We will however continue to cover the company's comics, editorial moves and broader impact on comics to the best of our ability – including future interviews with DC executives and editorial staff as they are willing and available.

If you've been around the comic books news sites for any length of time, you'll quickly realize that CBR is just a PR extension for Marvel, with negative comments and posts deleted in their forums, but editors and creators allowed to run rampant.

Hey, it's all good business.


Well, if you read the above column, and then read today's Marvel EIC Axel Alonso column, the difference is quite obvious.

I'll point you to the following, which Alonso stated:

So far, the response to "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Nova" has been fantastic. 

Of course, CBR didn't follow up with a question about how the books actually are not doing fantastic as Guardians of the Galaxy shed 130,00 plus readers with its second issue -- and the new Jeph Loeb Nova is now selling less than the previous run.

In addition, CBR never asked about the departure of Steve McNiven and let Marvel get away with some nonsense that BOTH Loeb and McGuinness left Nova after only two issues being published due to Loeb having other commitments, though this has all been planed for literally years.

Could be CBR isn't really keeping up with the Marvel Cosmic news now that Marvel isn't pushing it anymore on their site - much - as sales aren't doing that well.