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Details On Another Wonder Woman Movie Pitch Surface

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 10/11/2013 - 17:26


As we just heard WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara state they are trying to get Wonder Woman in front of audiences ASAP, it seems that is the case as details for a second movie pitch have hit the net.

Previously, Max Landis stated he is pitching a Wonder Woman movie, and David Goyer stated he was interested, and now Paul Kieg, known for Bridesmaids and The Heat, offers he pitched one as well.

Kieg told IGN that Warner Bros. didn't go for his Wonder Woman pitch, described as a "lighter-action comedy."

The idea for Feig’s film would’ve involved a Wonder Woman who “keeps hitting the glass ceiling” of the superhero world. Conceived as a lighter action-comedy, this Princess Diana of Themyscira has to contend with male heroes like Batman and Superman who are perhaps not as forward-thinking regarding their female counterpart as they should be. (I think the word “jerks” might’ve come up.) Feig compared this Wonder Woman to the suffragist Cicely Hamilton (who wrote the 1908 "feminist" play Diana of Dobson's).

It's no wonder that WB didn't go forward with Feig's Wonder Woman pitch seeing that NBC's TV series and CW's "Amazon," both of which seemed a lighter take on the character, didn't go forward.

Some fans are also hoping for a Wonder Woman appearance in the new Batman Vs. Superman or at least Diana.

Regarding the future of Wonder Woman on the big screen, more than likely Warner Bros. will be going for a more serious approach akin to Man of Steel and Arrow.