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Agents Of SHIELD Spinoff & New John Ridley Series

Details On Agents Of SHIELD Spinoff & New John Ridley Series

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 04/20/2015 - 23:47
Agents Of SHIELD Spinoff & New John Ridley Series


New details become known for the planned ABC Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. spinoff.

Deadline reports the recent Season 2 cast additions of Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood are finalizing deals to star in the new series.

Blood and Palicki play the former husband and wife duo of Lance Hunter and Barbara "Bobbi" Morse, aka Mockingbird.

Lance is a quick-witted mercenary sharpshooter who recently joined Coulson's team.

Bobbi worked undercover in HYDRA laboratories and was recently revealed to be a member of the "real" SHIELD.

The report describes the series as potentially having a "Mr. and Mrs. Smith vibe," which is supposed to be set up during this season, though it's stated to be unclear weather or not it involves Palicki's secret plan with the "real" version of SHIELD.

It's said the spinoff has not yet been ordered for a full series as apparently ABC is waiting on the script.

It's also unclear if the spinoff would air at the same time as Agents Of SHIELD (ala Flash and Arrow) or be used as bridge between the Fall and Spring seasons of SHIELD.

It's also mentioned that John Ridley's Marvel series currently in development will center on the replacement for Carol Danvers' Ms. Marvel in the comics with the muslim "hero" Kamala Khan.