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Dear Max Landis: You Got Man of Steel Wrong, Too

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 06/24/2013 - 14:54

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:8933:]]Joining Mark Waid with the online Man of Steel crybaby campaign is Max Landis, the writer behind Chronicle.

While Landis doesn't exactly go the lengths to knock down the Man of Steel that Waid did, as Landis' argument is more about superhero movies in general, he still manages to complain about all the death and destruction.

Max Landis is particularly upset about the fact that Metropolis was destroyed.

Question for Max: So what happens when a group of super people attack a city?

Only 17 people die?

Landis also complains about the Clark Kent Daily Planet scene, as he must think it takes place right after the destruction of Metropolis? I don't know, but it sure sounds like that is what he thinks.

Another complaint of not only Landis' as well as many others online is the scene in Metropolis where Superman has a moment with Lois. So two people sharing a moment amidst all the chaos is deemed bad writing? I guess that's what Landis is saying.

Landis also complains that Superman is busy punching Zod while Metropolis is being destroyed.

Now, if instead of being blinded expecting Superman Returns with more punching, similar to Waid, perhaps Landis should have paid better attention and would have realized that the gravity beam from Black Zero was responsible for the destruction of Metropolis before the big Superman vs. Zod finale.

And as Mard Waid missed, and as I told him, the World Engine on the other side of the planet was CONTROLLING the Black Zero gravity beam, and that's why Superman went to destroy it, and why the military was sent in to send back ALL the Kryptonians to the Phantom Zone (because surely Superman would not have been able to take on Zod, Faora, the giant Kryptonian and the half dozen others when he could barely take two on in Smallville).

And Superman was supposed to stop all this from happening? How exactly was he going to do that?

It's just a ridiculous notion.

I'm seeing more and more of it, and hearing more and more of it, and it's a classic case of people expectations blinding them throughout the entire movie.

Go see it again.

In Max's defense, his issues seem to be more with the writing, and not with the specific events (which Mark Waid totally missed), but I disagree with his thinking in there shouldn't be great destruction in a Superman movie.

And Max, regarding "Chronicle" and the deaths the "battle" caused, we both know those two are hardly Kryptonians.