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Dear Marvel and DC: I Could Give A Bleep About Gay Marriages and Characters - Just Make Good Stories

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 05/24/2012 - 19:40

(Editor's Note: The below is an opinion article and does necessarily reflect the thoughts and opinions of Cosmic Book News - cheers)


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1753:]]Well, the big news to hit the big newspapers this week is not AvX or the reboot of the DCU — it's that this character is getting married or that this "iconic" character is now going to be gay.

Quite frankly, I could give a flying ----.

The year is 2012 not 1912, and having a character come out of the closet is not such a big deal anymore — or get married for that matter.

I suspect if said parent company didn't own or influence said news outlet, not much attention would be given to this.

And now we have this or that group boycotting or trying to do a petition - or some such nonsense - against this as well.

And I could give a flying ----.

I got an idea: How about concentrating on putting out good quality stories? Stories that will get ALL folks talking, and hopefully via word of mouth, get more folks into the LCS's! And then maybe the big news outlets can report on the increase in readership?

Because we all know these types of story aren't going to increase jack ----!

The past year has seen my purchases of both Marvel and DC dwindle. You know why? Not because of the lack of hype — but because of the lack of quality! Save for a few at each company, both the art and writing has gone down the friggin' tubes!

Could be they both realize their fans are so loyal they will buy anything.

Not this fan, though.

Question is Marvel and DC: Do you give a flying ----?!

Maybe we have our answer.