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Dear Bob Orci: The Internet Is Right; Star Trek Into Darkness Is Awful

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 09/10/2013 - 22:04


Well, I finally got a chance to see Star Trek Into Darkness; actually just got done watching it on-demand as the movie became available this week.

My first thought was that Star Trek Into Darkness is the Bendis and Loeb version of Wrath of Khan.

It's dumbed-down; has a pitiful storyline; the character development is non-existant; the acting is sub-par. 

Essentially it was just an awful movie that ripped off Star Trek II, didn't pay homage, and didn't even come close to doing it justice.

Now I see why Star Trek Into Darkness was voted the worst movie of the franchise. Not because Trekkers are crazy fanboys, but because it's a bad movie.

It felt artificial and forced right from the get-go. The outfits and costumes look absolutely ridiculous. And you know what? This is a star trek so stay the heck off of Earth. Seriously.

Obviously I am really disappointed. I loved the 2009 reboot, but something - everything - was missing from this movie.

The story was just not there.

So Khan was awakened by a Star Fleet officer who wanted to start a Klingon war, but couldn't come up with ideas for weapons? Huh? The Federation has advanced 300 years and it's - what? - embedded into them that they are too peaceful? What happened? Did that 300 years cause their testosterone levels to drop exponentially? Ridiculous.

I also wasn't happy with any of the acting. Strike that; Benedict Cumberbatch did what he could with Khan, his was by far the best showing; however, he didn't even compare to Ricardo Montalbán. Some might argue 'well, it's a reboot and different character,' but that's nonsense as it is Khan. What was also complete nonsense was Kirk and Spock switching places, with Spock yelling "KHAN!" Yeah, the dramatic impact of William Shatner was just not there. Sorry. Not even close.

I also didn't like how the crew behaved: At times, it didn't seem as if there was really a Captain on deck, as if they were all sharing the same rank. Maybe that was the intent, but I didn't like it. And I didn't like how Uhura would answer Spock with an "uh huh" instead of a "yes, sir." She's a Federation officer on board a Federation ship, she should know better (but it's really not "her" that I am blaming here, right?).

The movie was very predicatable and very anti-climactic. Sorry, the Star Trek Into Darkness theme music didn't do much for me after the 10th or 11th time of playing. It was like 'okay, here we go again.'

What this movie felt like to me was it had a script that couldn't work out the storyline, make it gel or make it pay off, and Abrams did the best he could do to edit it together with what he had, which ended up not being much. It was like 'okay, we gotta use this character and this character and this scene and this scene and somehow make it work." Well, it didn't.

Remember when Khan asks Spock,"Shall we begin?" Well, I'm still waiting...

Star Trek Into Darkness runs on empty, folks.