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DCU Online Episode 18 Now Available: The Demon's Pit & Blackest Day

Posted By: Staff
Wed, 11/04/2015 - 15:44

Today Daybreak Games released Episode 18 for DCU Online, featuring new League of Assassins and War of the Light content, as well as Atomic, an all-new power set inspired by the DC Comics’ character Firestorm.

Episode 18 introduces a new two-player Duo and eight-player Operation to DCUO:

The Demon’s Pit – In this two-player Duo, the League of Assassins has captured members of the Justice League and the Society during a scouting mission-gone-wrong. Players are called to save their allies before being forced to serve Ra’s al Ghul’s army.

Blackest Day – The War of the Light storyline is coming to an end, and in this penultimate episode, The Black Hand has at last revealed himself by attacking the sentient city of Ranx. Sinestro has called for players to aid in an all-or-nothing attempt to stop Ranx from falling into Black Hand’s sinister clutch in this eight-player Operation.

Episode 18 is now available as a free download for Members, and will be available for purchase by non-Members on Nov. 11 via the in-game Marketplace or

The Atomic power set allows players to harness the powers of radioactive and nuclear energy, similar to the iconic DC Comics Super Hero, Firestorm. This power set features two new power trees, Radioactive and Nuclear, and lets players specialize in Tank or Damage roles.

The Atomic Power set is now available as a free download for Members, and is available for purchase by non-Members via the in-game Marketplace or