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DC Relaunch: Some titles to get the Reboot?

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sun, 06/05/2011 - 22:57

picSeems one consistent thing to come out of DC, regarding the DC Relaunch, is that this is a "relaunch" and not a "reboot." 

Meaning a "relaunch" would take into consideration all your valuble time and money spent on reading and embracing the DCU in years past. While a "reboot" would effectively nix all that.

Bob Wayne, DC Comics Senior VP of Sales, even made it a point to call it a "re-launch" in a letter to retailers describing their incentive programs, "And by the way, let me just reiterate this point:  this is the launch of the New DCU.  It is not a “reboot.”  I think you will soon discover why that is."

According to CBR, in regards to Geoff Johns' Green Lantern, "readers can expect the effects of major crossovers like "Blackest Night" to stay in place moving forward."

Furthermore Johns told the AP, "Green Lantern #1 picks up a few months later in a very different space than we are now," the writer added. "When you see the cover you'll know exactly what I'm talking about."

Heck, JMS even corrected himself via facebook that, 'I need to correct my DC post: it should read "relaunch" not "reboot."' 

Bleeding Cool has been posting all kinds of news regarding the DC Relaunch - and I believe the first to break the story. This time they have information on the new Teen Titans #1.

According to Bleeding Cool, from the sound of their description, Teen Titans (written by Scott Lobdell, pencilled by Brett Booth and inked by Norm Rapmund) will get a "reboot," as "none of the Titans therein will have ever met before."

Now, I don't happen to follow the Titans, but if my understanding is correct - it is mainly made up younger heroes. When news first hit that DC was relaunching with younger versions of the characters, CBN's own Chris "DOC" Bushley questioned if this means the sidekicks are going to be infants [laughs]. I suppose, the Titans could still be "teens" and the regular DC heroes in their lower 20s? I guess, that would work.

Getting back Teen Titans #1, it does sound like a total reboot, no? And as posters on the BC Forum have mentioned, is the new Teen Titans going to resemble Cartoon Network's Young Justice?

Furthermore, is DC picking and choosing just which titles get the "boot" or "relaunch?" And is that choice affected by how big of a creator is on board (ala GL)?

I think this is what fans fear the most - a total reboot of their characters.

Possibly DC could be thinking to at least keep the "core" characters somewhat the same - and reboot the rest? 

Interestingly enough, in JMS' initial post, he did state (and I'm directly quoting here),"...most of the things done in Superman and Wonder Woman would be erased by the reboot anyway..." 

Stay tuned to Cosmic Book News as news develops on the DC Relaunch.