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DC Relaunch: Offers Retailers Variant, Discount and Return Incentives

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 06/02/2011 - 17:30

pic The news just hit regarding the new Justice League, that the DC Relaunch would see digital prices drop after four weeks (DC is making all their titles available at the same time in print and digitally).

Cause for alarm for retailers?

Hold on.

A letter from Bob Wayne, Senior VP of Sales at DC Comics, has surfaced -- with DC offering retailers variant, discount and return incentives.

You can check out the letter over at Bleeding Cool, but here are some of the more interesting points:

• Wayne states, "And by the way, let me just reiterate this point:  this is the launch of the New DCU.  It is not a “reboot.”  I think you will soon discover why that is.”

• They are taking the act on the road to promote the DC Relaunch in New York, Dallas/Fort Worth, Baltimore, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

• No DC digital comic will be cheaper than its physical counterpart at launch.

• Offering variants on five different titles (core), with at least one each week.

• Offering an additional 15% discount on six different titles for orders placed by FOC, effectively giving you a 50% to 72% discount spread, instead of our normal 35% to 57% spread. First title being Wonder Woman.

• We are backing up our commitment to you and this launch, by putting our copies where are mouths are.  We will be offering 100% Returnability on all of the remaining 41 titles. Returnability across the rest of the 52 allows the breadth of these titles to get their fair chance with your consumers.  This comes with a qualifier – your total post-FOC September orders in dollars for DC periodicals must be 125% or more of your May post-FOC orders for DC periodicals.

Cause for celebration?

Stay tuned to Cosmic Book News as more on the DC Relaunch develops.