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DC Relaunch: New Justice League: First Arc Set In Past

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 06/24/2011 - 17:37

pic DC Comics has taken to promoting the DC Relaunch to the road, hitting various cities and offering retailers details on what the new DCU will look like come September.

Previously, Geoff Johns mentioned about his new Justice League, that Green Lantern and Batman never have met. 

Thoughts of "reboot" immediately come to mind, but Johns and Jim Lee confirm that the first arc to Justice League will be set in the past, as Bleeding Cool posted details from a Baltimore, MD appearance.

'Geoff Johns stated “Three key elements to his JLA are “Heart, Humor & Heroics”, Lee & Johns added that the word Superhero doesn’t exist yet and that Batman at this point when the JLA first meet in the first arc of his book is more or less an Urban Legend that has been working behind the scenes for years.” Arc #2 would take place years later in the current timeline. JLA would be the book that is kind of the start of the DC Superhero universe.'

The retailer who provided the info sounds really pumped, and even states DC mentioned something about promoting comics on the Cartoon Network (I believe DC has a nine figure budget for promotion).

"Also little details were give but sounded intriguing about the DC Nation Block coming up on cartoon Network that will act as real time comic book store news on Cartoon Network and more possibly featuring adverts for getting things at your local comic store, or tickers letting viewers know whats going on in comic stores nationwide."

Dan DiDio, DC Comics co-publisher, even offers some further hype.

'"...comics had become too talky, too quiet & less exciting. That comics were losing ground too video games, movies and TV, and that it was time to plant a flag in the ground!, That when new customers or lapsed customers walk into our stores that more action and better accessibility would be ideal. That comic book movies were doing comics better than comic books.”'
The retailer also added the following:
"As an aside, around this time, he [Didio] joked that he read a comic that had 15 pages of 9 panel grids of heads talking. I wonder what issue that was?"

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