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DC Relaunch: More Specific Details on Justice League, Action Comics, Green Lantern and more

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 06/27/2011 - 12:36

pic DC held their latest presentation for the DC Relaunch, or as they call it the "New 52," in Manhattan with a retailer providing more specific details than the last time.

This comes via Bleeding Cool, head on over there for the full article.

I gotta say this DC Relaunch has me more excited for comics than I have been in a while. 

Among the highlights (Note: I included some of my thoughts surrounded by parenthesis in italics -Matt):

• The 52 titles are divided into 7 distinct families. Those being: Superman, Batman, Justice League, Green Lantern, Young Justice, The Edge and The Dark.

• This is considered a "sliding relaunch" meaning the titles that worked (Batman and GL) wouldn't see any changes. Example, GL begins right where it left off after August's issue and "War of the Green Lanterns."

• The first arc for the new Justice League, that we already knew is going to be set in the past, will take place 5 years prior and serve as a "Year One" Justice League story. (My question - does that mean we'll see new costumes for the second arc?! -Matt) Also, there will have been no super-heroes, just super powered people viewed with suspicion. They band together and form the League, "to show the world that they are deserving the moniker of super-hero."

• No writing for trades! "Writers have been told to write the story they want to write and not worry about the trade collecting." The stories will be collected depending on how they are written i.e. two stories that are 4 issues each would be collected instead of stretching one story out for 6 issues.

• Action Comics is going to start in the past, as well, and the first arc will see Superman's public debut. DiDio stated they wanted to let go of the past (my question: because of the lawsuit? -Matt) and move forward. "Any changes in continuity would be addressed in-story as needed, but that they really didn’t want to get bogged down so these reveals would be gradual and as they make sense in the story.  There is a document in the DC offices that fleshes out exactly what has and hasn’t happened in the New 52 Universe.  As an example, the Death of Superman storyline has occurred.  See Batgirl below for another example."

• Batgirl sees Barbara Gordon back as Batgirl, and the "Killing Joke," and her role as Oracle have occurred.

• Green Lantern: 'The image (of a bloody fist thrust upward) associated with this book is not the cover (Note: check out all the covers in the September 2011 DC Solicits -Matt).  They are holding the actual cover back pending the conclusion of the "War of Green Lantern."'

• Green Lantern: New Guardians: "Again, the image associated with this book is not the cover.  They want the identities of the New Guardians to remain concealed."

(Here is news about two titles I find particulary intersting: -Matt)

• Resurrection Man: From fan-favorite CBN writers Dan Abentt and Andy Lanning! "Another fan favorite request, DC has decided to resurrect the character.  Dan Didio’s words, not mine!"
• Demon Knights: "One of the things they wanted to do was show the breadth and depth of the DCU.  This title highlights the DCU in the Dark Ages."
• "48 of the 52 books will ‘hold the line’ at $2.99.  The remaining 4 books (Justice League, Action Comics, Men of War and All-Star Western) will retail at $3.99 and feature added content."

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