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DC Relaunch: Judd Winick Comments On Catwoman "Controversy"

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 09/22/2011 - 20:16

picApparently, Starfire wasn't the only character in the DC Relaunch to stir up the pot.

Seems Judd Winick's new Catwoman is bringing with it a bit of cotroversy among comic book readers as well.

Seeing how 99% of us comic book fans are males and of the ages of 35-90, I can't really see as to reason why.

However, there was enough talk to warrant a response from Winnick.

Newsarama reached out for a comment from the writer who responded with the following:

This is a Catwoman for 2011, and my approach to her character and actions reflect someone who lives in our times. And wears a cat suit. And steals. It’s a tale that is part crime story, part mystery and part romance.  In that, you will find action, suspense and passion. Each of those qualities, at times, play to their extremes.  Catwoman is a character with a rich comic book history, and my hope is that readers will continue to join us as the adventure continues.

I suppose you could argue the book should be labeled "Mature," but it is does have the "T+" rating, which is for 16 years old and up.

You can't tell me 16 year olds haven't been exposed to more than this.

Anyway, the issue was a good read, I'll be getting the second, and you can head on over here for the preview and a review.

Oh, the issue saw panties, bras, lesbian inuendos - and Bruce nails Selina at the end.

Keep up the good work, Judd!