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DC Relaunch: Jim Lee, Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison Comments

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sun, 06/12/2011 - 01:36

pic The LA Times Hero Complex Film Festival was held earlier today, with Co-Publisher of DC Comics, Jim Lee, and Geoff Johns, DC Comics Chief Creative Officer, on hand to speak on the recent DC Relaunch, which sees 52 new #1 titles.

This comes via Newsarama's live feed of the panel.

Lee and Johns are doing a new Justice League #1 (as if ya didn't know!), the first arc is going to be the origin (does that mean reboot?! Note: Is this why no JSA?).

"Our first arc is the origin of the team. It takes place in the past, and the next arc will take place in the present," said Johns.

According to Lee, they are given the Justice League an "awesome origin" and calls it a "prime example" of where they can "add something to the lore."

"They're such a diverse group of characters, they're so iconic," said Lee.  He continued, adding that they're looking for ways to make things "more modern" and create jumping-on points for new readers.

Next up is a video from new Action Comics writer Grant Morrison!

In the video, Morrison states they want to do an unexpected take on Superman; they want to recreate him for the 21st Century and "do something that's a little bit new." Morrison says they will "change some of the basics" and reintroduce familiar characters in some unfamiliar ways, and that we will see, "A different side of the character than we've ever seen before." (My note: Please not a liberal activist. Please not a liberal activist.)

There's some small talk about the Green Lantern movie and, I guess, that's about it.

Not even an audience QnA.

Initially, there was supposed to be some big news to come out of this, but I guess, the news was the DC Relaunch, and DC went ahead of schedule.

Still, DC seems to be pretty much mum on the situation, so I guess this is better than nothing.

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