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DC Relaunch: George Perez on Superman as writer and artist!

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 06/06/2011 - 10:56

pic Oh, yeah!

Bleeding Cool is stating that they have it on good word from industry insiders that legendary artist George Perez will be on a new Superman title (they state "Superman") as artist AND writer!

We heard previous reports that Grant Morrison was on Superman from the DC Relaunch, but maybe he is just on another Supes title. 

Possibly, a new "Man Of Steel" to be launched by either Perez or Morrison?

Morrison seems to be done with Batman as the info for those titles was just released.

DC has been giving a lot of their superstars - whatever they want, as we see various creators on both art and writing chores: Manapaul is on Flash, Finch on The Dark Knight, Tony Daniels on Detective Comics.

I just hope they can all keep a deadline!

What do you guys think about Perez? Good news?

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