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Is DC Creating A Shared TV Universe As Well? Possible Booster Gold Crossover With Arrow

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 05/13/2013 - 21:33


Any chance DC Comics and Warner Bros. is going with a shared movie universe for the big kahunas, and a shared TV universe for the little fish?

We know an announcement is immanent about a DC shared movie universe featuring Superman, Batman and the rest of the Justice League.

That news looks to hit at this Summer's Comic-Con.

But what about their TV shows?

Well, presently there is only one with CW's Arrow, but we did recently hear about a connection to the Green Lantern movie.

And now there is another possible connection with a second DC show with SyFy's Booster Gold.

Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg, who writes for both (Booster Gold is forthcoming), noted in an interview that he hopes both the CW and SyFy will let him include the following line in the BG pilot:

we finally have our own hero. Not like that nut in Starling City with the hood.

Kreisberg notes to GreenArrowTV (via KSiteTV) that there is always a possibility as well as mentioning that if the studios do let him keep the above line, he likes to think they are in the same universe.

It's also interesting that in one of the Man of Steel trailers -- there is a Booster Gold Easter Egg. Have you spotted it?