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DC Comics Takes 17 of Top 20 Titles For September Led By Batman #1

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 10/07/2011 - 10:07

pic Yesterday we found out that DC Comics had won the battle for the top spot for market share in the month of September.

Now, we get the top 20 best selling list of comics for last month, with Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Batman #1 in first place. However, the number two spot, Action Comics #1, actually sold more in terms of dollars as it had the higher cover price (Note: Justice League #1 was released the last week of August).

Here's the list via Robot 6 and Bleeding Cool:

1. Batman #1
2. Action Comics #1
3. Green Lantern #1
4. The Flash #1
5. Superman #1
6. Detective Comics #1
7. Batman: The Dark Knight #1
8. Fear Itself #6
9. Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1
10. Batman and Robin #1
11. Green Lantern: New Guardians #1
12. Batgirl #1
13. Wonder Woman #1
14. Green Lantern Corps #1
15. Teen Titans #1
16. Aquaman #1
17. Batwoman #1
18. The Amazing Spider-Man #669
19. Red Lanterns #1
20. Justice League Dark #1
Regarding the DC Comics, it is an interesting list. Obviously, retailers ordered the more popular characters and books that have sold well in the past. That definitely wouldn't be my top 17, as Animal Man, Swap Thing, and a few others would have to replace the likes of Batman, Green Lantern, Red Lanterns, and New Guardians.
Furthermore, retailers played it relatively safe with their order amounts as we know the issues have been in high demand and have all sold out, with all the books going to second prints, as well.
Question is: Can DC keep this up?