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DC Comics Reveals New 52 Cyborg Superman

Posted By: Staff
Fri, 04/26/2013 - 12:22

DC Comics has been releasing pics of new villains that will be a part of the New 52 line, with the latest being Hank Henshaw aka the Cyborg Superman!

DC released the below Kenneth Rocafort art with the following from EIC Bob Harras.

Some of you might remember the last time a Cyborg Superman showed up. Would we dare revisit such a classic storyline? Hmmm. Well, never say never, right? As I've been telling you, all bets are off. Everything's on the table. 

Sorry to make your head explode on a Friday, but enjoy Kenneth Rocafort's lovely sketch in the meantime. We'll be in the conference room discussing … oh, never mind.

DC is rumored to be releasing 56 new #1s as part of their September "Villains" month, could the Cyborg Superman number amongst them?