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DC Comics New 52: Fourth Batch Reviewed!

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 09/29/2011 - 17:14

And that last batch of the New 52 is here!

Check out below what CBN thought of these. For last week's head on over here, there is also batch #2 and batch #1.

REVIEWS (click title for full review):

Have Gray, Palmiotti and Moritat succeeded in adding another new DC book to my already ever-growing collection? Why, yes they have.
As long as Johns, Reis and Prado are on the book - so am I! Be sure to get the second printing if you missed out the first time!
Jenkins and Finch weave a tale that is good, but there are better Bat books out there in the new DCnU, if you can get your hands on them!
A so-so read because it begs, borrows and steals from so many other generic, action-comic teams that a lot of it seems old hat.
I highly recommend this issue to those who desire provocative context in addition to the subtext of the fictional stories they read.
As with #1, I highly anticipate a quality read each and every month with this cosmic team and its creative crew.
There wasn't much about this book that drew me in. Vampires are "been there done that" a gazillion times over.
Manapul and Buccelato weave an all encompassing tale that takes you from 0 to 200 in the blink of an eye! Get this if you can find it!
Milligan and Janin have torn a hole in the new DCnU, leaving it darker in the process. It is cerebral, demented and wickedly refreshing! Thank you Mr. Milligan!
One that will probably thrill alot of CBN readers because this Hawkman is more alien in nature.
So with the reboot, do we get that same Superman? Not today, we don't!
Lobdell creates a book that grabs you from page one and pulls you along through 22 pages of adrenaline! This is the "DOC's" pick of the week!
Perfect for the neo-noir femme fatale that Voodoo may or may not be. Voodoo is welcome to weave her magic on me anytime.