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DC Comics: George Perez To Draw Issue of Supergirl

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 11/29/2011 - 23:35
comic books


Superstar creator George Perez updated his Facebook with news that he will be drawing an issue of Supergirl.

Just submitted the plot to SUPERMAN #6, my final issue. Now I have to dialogue Issue 5 (working over Nicola Scott's gorgeous pencils) and then I will be finishing the pencils to an inventory BIRDS OF PREY story before I go on to draw an issue of SUPERGIRL. After that-- well you'll just have to wait and see! ;-)

Assuming this is just a fill-in, Perez will be filling in for series regular Mahmud Asrar, and working with writers Michael Green and Mike Johnson on an issue of Supergirl.

In addition, Perez's last issue of Superman guest stars the cousin of Kal-El.

Kieth Giffen and Dan Jurgens come on board Superman #7 to take over writing and art chores from Perez.