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DC Comics Announces Smallville: Alien: New Digital Series Taking Over From Season 11

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 09/06/2013 - 13:43


With Smallville Season 11 coming to a close, DC Comics has announced instead of a "Season 12" that the digital comic book will be going to a new format with a series of mini-series featuring new stories and #1's.

Up first is "Smallville: Alien" that sees a Monitor crashland in Russia with Superman and Lex Luthor racing to get their first to investigate the crisis.

The Monitors were first intoduced during Smallville: Season 11,  a nod to the classic DC comic book series Crisis On Infinite Earths.

Series writer, Bryan Q. Miller, notes the change will not affect any of the continuity of the previous stories as the reason behind it is to bring in new readers.

Via TV Guide:

"[Instead the format tweak is a bid to] get the casual or first-time reader a little more up to speed in each of those No. 1 issues. Not that we don't already do that to an extent, but [now] the first 20-30 pages of each arc will be more about setting up the status quo for the miniseries, rather than jumping right into things. It's a way to help welcome more people into the Smallville universe that we've been expanding on since the television series ended."

Regarding the Monitors, Miller offers:

"We know they've destroyed other Earths as well. Alien will give us much more insight into the over-arching threat. ... They are not to be trifled with."

Smallville: Alien is set for this Fall and will also see the debut of the Russian superhero team, the Rocket Red Brigade.