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DC Comics Announces Batman Eternal: New Weekly Comic Book Series

Posted By: Staff
Sat, 10/12/2013 - 22:10


DC Comics announced this past Thursday a new weekly comic book series with Batman Eternal.

The weekly series begins next Spring written by a group of writers, Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, John Layman Ray Fawkes, and Tim Seeley, with art by Jason Fabok.

Snyder is described as the "showrunner" and offered the following to USA Today:

"It's a place for me to be able to work with good friends in terms of shaping Gotham in a bigger, grander and more game-changing way than ever before...we're gonna give you the biggest, craziest and most fun stuff we've done on the book and in the world of Gotham."

"[Batman Eternal sets] the stage for a new Gotham and new characters and a new set of stories that will take Batman into 2015."


Eternal will be similar to comics such as Gotham Central that feature a variety of peripheral characters and the city's more infamous residents, but Snyder insists that the Caped Crusader will be front and center in the massive story, too.

"We're five guys doing our best to give you an exciting Gotham that's changing under the feet of its characters."