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DC Comics 2013 San Diego Comic-Con Schedule

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 07/17/2013 - 12:28


DC Comics released their schedule for the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con.

Jim Lee released his as well.




11:30am-12:30pm DC Entertainment – All Access

DCE Panelist(s): Bob Harras, Bobbie Chase

Moderator(s): Bob Wayne

Talent: Brian Buccellato, Mark Buckingham, Amanda Conner, Derek Fridolfs, Adam Hughes, Geoff Johns, Jeff Lemire, Gail Simone, Tom Taylor

At DC Entertainment, there’s never been a better time to be a comics fan!  Come to this All Access panel and find out what our top talent is has been up to! Room 6DE


2-3pm DC Digital

DCE Panelist(s): Alex Antone, Jim Chadwick, Hank Kanalz, Jim Lee, Kristy Quinn

Moderator(s): Bob Wayne

Talent: Derek Fridolfs, Christos N. Gage, Kyle Higgins, Bryan Q. Miller, Dustin Nguyen, Tom Taylor

DC Entertainment’s digital initiative has been a pioneer in digital comics! Come get an exclusive look at some of the exciting series that make up the future of digital comics with some of the all-star talent behind them! Room 6DE


3:15-4:15pm DC Comics 101: Essentials

DCE Panelist(s): Bob Harras, Bobbie Chase

Moderator(s): John Cunningham


DC Entertainment’s backlist is full of the most exciting stories ever told! New fans and veteran fans alike are welcome for an in-depth tutorial on the essential titles that make up DC Entertainment’s rich history. Room 6DE


5:45-6:45pm Vertigo: Defy

DCE Panelist(s): Shelly Bond, Will Dennis, Mark Doyle

Moderator(s): John Cunningham

Talent: Marc Andreyko, Mark Buckingham, Jeff Lemire, Simon Oliver, Scott Snyder

Vertigo is back at Comic-Con International and ready to blow your mind with the next wave of trend-setting comics! From horror to mythic fiction to sci-fi and beyond, join us and see what amazing new ideas are coming your way from the imprint that's on a mission to defy all your expectations! Room 6DE


6-7pm DC Collectibles

DCE Panelist(s): Jim Fletcher, Geoff Johns, Jim Lee

Moderator(s): Kevin Kiniry

Talent: Tim Miller

Action figures, statues, busts, PVC figures…DC Collectibles has them all – and more! Join the DC Collectibles crew, including DCE Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee, VP – Creative Services Kevin Kiniry, Director – Creative Services Jim Fletcher and sculptor Tim Millerto hear how they come up with so many great products, and what’s coming up from comics’ top makers of awesome collectibles! Room 5AB


Friday, July 19


10-11am DC Comics – My Secret Origin or How I Broke In to Comics

DCE Panelist(s): Jim Lee

Moderator(s): Bob Wayne

Talent: Greg Capullo, Bernard Chang, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Gail Simone, Scott Snyder

The comics industry can be tough to break into! Come by for an inside look at how some of DC Entertainment’s top talent made their careers crafting the tales of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more! Room 6DE


11:15am-12:15pm DC Entertainment Presents: DC Comics Too Tough Trivia

DCE Panelist(s): Eddie Berganza, Brian Cunningham, Mike Marts

Moderator(s): John Cunningham

Talent: n/a

Think you know everything from Crisis on Infinite Earths to Blackest Night to Flashpoint? Come by and test your knowledge of the DC Universe from its inception all the way to The New 52 against DC’s finest minds to win some exclusive prizes! Room 6DE


1:45-2:45pm DC Comics – Justice League: Trinity War

DCE Panelist(s): Brian Cunningham

Moderator(s): John Cunningham

Talent: Ray Fawkes, Geoff Johns, Jeff Lemire

Trinity War rocks the DC Universe to its core in the comic book event of the summer! Join us for an inside look at the War of the Justice Leagues on a panel featuring the crossover’s all-star creators. Room 6DE


3-4pm DC Art Masters – Drawing DC

DCE Panelist(s): n/a

Moderator(s): Mark Chiarello

Talent: Chris Burnham, Gary Frank, Justin Norman (Moritat)

DC Entertainment is proud to have some of the brightest and most talented artists working in comics today! Join us on this star-studded panel as DC Comics artists share their unique approach to the page! Room 30CDE


4:15-5:15pm DC Comics – Superman Unchained: From Concept to Page

DCE Panelist(s): Eddie Berganza

Moderator(s): Bob Wayne

Talent: Jim Lee, Dustin Nguyen, Alex Sinclair, Scott Snyder, Scott Williams

DC has assembled the entire all-star creative team of the highly anticipated Superman Unchained, including the editor, writer, penciller, inker and more! Come by for an unprecedented look behind the scenes at what’s sure to be the most talked about comic book of the year! Room 6DE


5:30-6:30pm DC Comics - The New 52

DCE Panelist(s): Eddie Berganza, Brian Cunningham, Mike Marts

Moderator(s): Bob Wayne

Talent: Tony Daniel, Kyle Higgins, Geoff Johns, Jeff Lemire, Jimmy Palmiotti, Gail Simone, Charles Soule,James Tynion IV, Robert Venditti, JH Williams III

There has never been a more exciting time to be a fan of DC Comics – The New 52! Come by and be a part of history as we discuss what’s coming next with DC’s all-star talent. Room 6DE


Saturday, July 20


10-11am DC Comics 101: Essentials

DCE Panelist(s): Bob Harras, Bobbie Chase

Moderator(s): John Cunningham


DC Entertainment’s backlist is full of the most exciting stories ever told! New fans and veteran fans alike are welcome for an in-depth tutorial on the essential titles that make up DC Entertainment’s rich history. Room 6DE


11:15am-12:30pm DC Comics – Batman: Zero Year

DCE Panelist(s): Mike Marts

Moderator(s): John Cunningham

Talent: Greg Capullo, Dan Miki, Scott Snyder

Writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo journey back to the origins of the Dark Knight this summer with storyline Batman: Zero Year! Join the all-star team for an exclusive look at the formative years of the Caped Crusader, and what they have in store for him in the coming months! Room 6DE


12:45-1:45pm DC Comics – Green Lantern: Recharged!

DCE Panelist(s): Bob Harras, Bobbie Chase

Moderator(s): Bob Wayne

Talent: Bernard Chang, Van Jensen, Charles Soule, Robert Venditti, Brad Walker

A new era in the Green Lantern mythos begins here! Whether you are a rookie or veteran Lantern fan, this must-see panel is the perfect place to recharge your power ring! Join Robert Venditti, Van Jensen, Bernard Chang, and Charles Soule for an exclusive look at what’s in store during this new and exciting time for the Corps! Room 6DE


2-3pm Mad about MAD

DCE Panelist(s): John Ficarra, Ryan Flanders, Sam Viviano

Moderator(s): Bob Wayne

Talent: Sergio Aragones, Peter Kuper, Tom Richmond

MAD, the country’s #1-selling humor magazine (in a field of 1), is dumber than ever! Join MAD Magazine editor John Ficarra and art director Sam Viviano for a ridiculous peek at what’s happening at the magazine, an exclusive first-look at their new book, Inside MAD, and an epically, moronic Q&A that’s bound to be, well, MAD! (Prizes will be awarded for most moronic questions!)  Room 9.


3:15-4:15pm Vertigo: Sandman 25th Anniversary and Beyond!

DCE Panelist(s): Shelly Bond

Moderator(s): John Cunningham

Talent: Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, Todd Klein, Dave McKean, J.H. Williams III

This year Vertigo’s flagship title The Sandman returns to comics in an all-new series written by Neil Gaiman! Join us in a celebration the 25th anniversary of this timeless series and an exclusive look at what is in store for the Lord of the Dreaming with Neil and his past and future legendary collaborators, Dave McKean, Sam Kieth, Todd Klein, and JH Williams III! Room 6DE


Sunday July 21


10-11am DC Comics – Superman: The New 52 Era

DCE Panelist(s): Eddie Berganza

Moderator(s): Bob Wayne

Talent: Tony Daniel, Jim Lee, Scott Lobdell, Michael Alan Nelson, Scott Snyder

The Last Son of Krypton is one of the most recognized pop culture icons of all time, and this year, Superman is set to soar to new heights! Come by for a panel on what makes The Man of Steel the hero that he is with the writers and artists that bring him to life! Room 6DE


11:15am-12:15pm Meet the Co-Publishers

DCE Panelist(s): Dan DiDio, Jim Lee

Moderator(s): John Cunningham

As Co-Publishers of DC Entertainment, Jim Lee and Dan DiDio are the driving forces behind DC Comics – The New 52, Vertigo, MAD, DC’s digital initiative, and much more. This up-close-and-personal panel gives you a chance to step up and ask questions about your favorite comic book publishers! Room 6DE


2-3pm Drawing DC – DC Kids Edition

DCE Panelist(s): n/a

Moderator(s): Larry Ganem

Talent: Art Baltazar, Franco, Dustin Nguyen

Kids Day of Comic-Con International is one of DCE’s favorite days of the show! To celebrate with us, join Talent Relations Director Larry Ganem with the Eisner Award winning team of Art Baltazar and Franco(Superman Family Adventures, The Green Team) and the ever dynamic Dustin Nguyen (Li’l Gotham) as they showcase their artistic talents in a panel fun for all ages! Room 30CDE


*Please note that panelsists are subject to change; please check out the DC Entertainment App or stop by the DCE Booth (#1915) for the most up to the minute info.


*Please note that wrist bands required for the signings at DCE Booth #1915 listed below.  For the full list of signings check out the DC Entertainment App or visit DCE Booth #1915 for more info. 
Wednesday July 17th
6-7pm Jim Lee
8-9pm Geoff Johns, Gary Frank
Thursday July 18th
11am-12pm Jim Lee, Alex Sinclair, Dustin Nguyen
2-3pm Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Matt Kindt
4-5pm Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, James Tynion IV
Friday July 19th
11:30am-12:30pm Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham
1-2pm Greg Capullo, Danny Miki
5:30-6:30pm Jim Lee, Scott Snyder, Dustin Nguyen, Scott Williams
Saturday July 20th
12-1pm Superman 75th Anniversary signing
3-4pm Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Alex Sinclair, Scott Williams
4-5pm Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Danny Miki, James Tynion IV
4:30-5:30pm Neil Gaiman, Dave Mckean, JH Williams III
5:30-6:30pm Superman 75th Anniversary signing
Sunday July 21st
11am-12pm Geoff Johns, Ray Fawkes, Jeff Lemire
2-3pm Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Danny Miki