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Daredevil Second Most Pirated Show Following Game Of Thrones

Matt McGloin
Posted: 04/17/2015 - 09:18


It's learned that Daredevil is the second most illegally downloaded show following Game of Thrones for the week of April 10 - 16th.

Variety reports there have been 2.1 million individual users that have downloaded episodes of the show worldwide via torrent networks - even though Netflix is available for less than ten bucks a month.

Game Of Thrones, over the same time period, saw 6.5 illegal download torrents, which is in part due to the first episode of Season 5 and three more episodes leaking online as well as past Season's episodes being available.

It's reported Brazil had the highest number of torrents with about 190,274 and was followed by India (149,316), the U.S. (144,351), the U.K. (119,891), France (105,473) and Australia (101,025). 

The illegally downloaded torrents don't seem to be affecting Netflix in a negative light as Wall St. recently sent their stocks rocketing in price, rising 14.7% and touching an all-time high of $546.60, which makes Netflix even more valuable than CBS.

"Daredevil" is currently available on Netflix with 13 episodes.