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Daredevil Easter Eggs Include Iron Fist, Stan Lee, Hulk & Avengers

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sat, 04/11/2015 - 21:05

Daredevil is now on Netflix with all 13 episodes.

I'm through four episodes, but others have finished the series and posted various Easter Eggs online.

Check a few out including the newspapers on Ben Urich's wall referencing the Incredible Hulk and The Avengers; a picture of what looks to be Stan Lee at the police station; Stick's apprentice, Stone; a reference to Iron Fist with the Steel Serpent symbol.

Updated: with a pic of a newspaper referencing Alex Maleev art.

Update #2: with a poster referencing costumed superheroes.

Update #3:

There may have been an Electra reference when Matt and Foggy were talking about the Greek girl they knew in college - "whatever happened to her?" - as Electra is greek and became an assassin for The Hand and Kingpin in the comics.

Matt and Foggy also mentioned "Roxxon" during a flashback to their intern days (Roxxon Corp. is responsible for killing Tony Stark's parents).

Clare Temple is a reference to The Night Nurse in the comics (and also had a relationship with Luke Cage,)

The character Melvin Potter in the series is the DD ally/foe Gladiator.

Jason Finney plays Stone, the apprentice to Stick.

"Black Sky" may be a reference to vampires (black sky possibly referring to bats).

The office door of Nelson and Murdock has "Van Lunt Real Estate" underneath, which references Cornelius Van Lunt, aka Taurus, and a member of the Zodiac.

The office across from Nelson and Murdock has the "Atlas" comics logo, which is the original name of Marvel Comics.

Madame Gao might be Crane Mother.

"Mike" may have been a reference to DD's fake twin brother persona in the comics, Mike Murdock.

Crushed Creel poster (see below).

Both Matt Murdock and Skye, from Agents Of SHIELD, grew up at the St. Agnes Orphanage.

Kingpin's white suit from the comics is joked about when Vanessa said she was once seduced by a prince in a white suit and ascot.

Leland Owlsley is The Owl.

Turk Barrett is Stilt Man (the stilts are featured in Melvin Potter's work shop - see below).

A sniper is carrying an Ace Of Spades card possibly meaning he is Bullseye (see below).

The name "Barton" (Clint Barton is Hawkeye) can be seen on a sign in the gym.

Samurai Steel is referenced on a shipping container with "Asano Robotics" (see below).

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